New Global Searches

Posted on 29-05-2017 20:27

New TurboTrader global searches, All Time Record$ have been now made available to all.

These new searches can be found under the magnifying glass icon up the top of any desktop. Thank you to all subscribers who shared their searches, and feel free to post any new searches in Peer Support chatroom so they can be added to TurboTraders global search list.

Guides available

Posted on 23-05-2016 16:56

Three guides are available to download

Guide 1: Getting Started with TurboTrader explains the 4 desktops, Live Searches and Advanced Charting Tools. And there are examples that show how to make changes in your desktop. This is a good reference to use during your trial. 

Guide 2: Searches and Layouts cover methods of creating your own search, designing a new layout and how to apply the layout to the search.

Guide 3: Essential and Advanced Desktops illustrate methods of creating 2 desktops. The first is relatively simple and shows the placement of various windows. The second is an advanced tabbing system with multiple searches, watchlists, windows and indicators.

Video Tutorials now available

Posted on 22-08-2013 14:32

TurboTrader now offers a series of video tutorials for new (and experienced) users to learn how to better use the platform.

These videos are also available from our new YouTube channel.

TurboTrader Mach 2, Release 1.4

Posted on 12-12-2012 11:53

TurboTrader is proud to announce Release 1.4 of their Mach 2 trading platform, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements.

  • A revamped Search Editor, letting you easily pick and choose which filters you wish to apply to the market and tweak them to your individual needs. When you outgrow it, the improved Advanced Editor lets you customise at the bare metal, with access to all our suite of indicators and values.
  • The Advanced Editor has also been extended to support customisation of the search controls. Quickly tweak threshold values and enable and disable criteria straight from the results window, giving you more power to follow the changing market.
  • The Automated Portfolio is now available to work with. Customise your buying rules, set up rules for holding and where to exit. We've added dozens of new rules to use, and with Paper Trading it's safe and easy to work with.
  • View the performance of your Portfolio over time with the new Performance Graph feature. See your total trading capital, on-market profit, and more. We also provide a friendly table of the underlying numbers, letting you easily copy them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Take and view past snapshots of the market with the Notes feature.
  • Export the underlying criteria of a search into a friendly, human-readable format that you can copy and paste. Share rules with others, and see what they're using through the TurboTrader chatrooms.

This marks the first release of our fully functional paper-based automated trading portfolio, and we're all very excited by it. We look forward to enhancing it in the weeks and months to come, based on the feedback of our members and subscribers.

TurboTrader Mach 2, Release 1.3

Posted on 19-10-2012 19:06

TurboTrader is proud to announce the latest release of their trading tools platform.

Among the new features, you will find:

  • A new download section is available underneath the Live Tab, letting you download historical data for a single Asset, or the entire market for one day, in CSV format.
  • Layouts can be configured to show a certain number of decimal places.
  • The Like and Keep list layouts have been redone to show more relevant information.
  • The UI now remembers which layout you have for your Like and Keep lists.
  • The Advanced Layout Editor has been revamped, making configuring a new layout much more straight-forward.
  • The Portfolio back-end has been significantly upgraded, fixing dozens of bugs and strange behaviours.
  • Portfolio Actions, especially ones from Automated Trading, will show much more detail on how and why they were performed.
  • The Automated Portfolio configuration is now visible (read-only) from your Portfolio Configuration.
  • Notes can now be edited, and snapshots of an Asset can be taken. Displaying the snapshot is still to come, so look for it in the next couple of weeks.
  • We've consolidated and compacted all the JavaScript code that runs the TurboTrader Trading UI, which will give (slightly) better load times.

We hope all our members enjoy the new features, and look forward to more as we continue to enhance the TurboTrader offering.

TurboTrader Mach 2 release Monday 6th February 2012

Posted on 02-02-2012 15:22

The Australian Share Traders Co-operative Ltd is pleased to announce Monday 6th February 2012 as the "Go Live" release date for TurboTrader Mach 2.

The Mach 2 platform is an exciting step forward for TurboTrader and we believe everyone will be very excited by its improvements.

ASX Trade Interface cutover

Posted on 01-11-2010 16:17

The new ASX Trade interface goes live this weekend 6-7/11/2010. Interface testing will briefly interrupt platform operations from 4:30pm onwards. Alterations and testing will be scheduled to take effect outside of market hours with minimal interruption expected during "live" market time. We apologise for any inconvenience but look forward to utilising the new interface features.

Live streaming ASX data from $99.00/month

Posted on 15-08-2010 13:45

A new subscription level has been introduced to our popular live data platform at $99.00 per month. The new "Standard" subscription level retains the live streaming data from the ASX but delivers a reduced subset of tools and analysis.

Designed to cater for the cost conscious trader our new Standard service fills the gap between our Premium and Budget subscription levels.

Changes have also been made to our Sign Up and Pricing pages where you can now compare all TurboTrader features at a glance.

Bolly jump indicator goes live to profiles

Posted on 20-07-2010 09:59

The Middle bollinger band is a 20 period Simple Moving Average (SMA) based on past prices which means the indicator will lag behind the current market price. As always, the price leads and the moving average follows but moving averages do form the building blocks for many other technical indicators and overlays and one of them is the Bollinger Bands.

Developed by John Bollinger, Bollinger Bands are volatility bands that are placed above and below a moving average. The moving average represents the average price over a specific period, which smooths the price series. Volatility is based on the standard deviation. Because Bollinger Bands are based on volatility, they automatically adapt to price changes. The bands automatically widen when volatility increases and narrow when volatility decreases. The dynamic nature of Bollinger Bands also means they can be used on different securities with the standard settings. For signals, Bollinger Bands can be used to confirm M-Tops and W-Bottoms. They can also be used to determine the strength of the trend.

When a price jumps through the middle bollinger band on increased volume there is often a good chance that a rally will follow. By introducing the "Bolly Jump" indicator to the live profiles we now have another early notification of possible trades. The "Bolly Jump" indicator is available in both Long and Short profile settings.

We encourage all subscribers to visit the "live" chat rooms and learn how to benefit from this new indicator. You may want to share ideas for a favourite indicator of your own.

New Owners and New Premises

Posted on 08-07-2010 13:07

TurboTrader was purchased by the Australian Share Traders Co-operative Ltd in February 2010. The Co-op was formed by subscribers to the TurboTrader platform and with their combined resources our service will now continue to build on its existing suite of the best trading tools available.

The first major change was the relocation of our servers to a brand new office and data centre in Lilydale, Victoria.

Co-operative membership is open to all subscribers of the TurboTrader platform.